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We are a group of Hongkongers who like to travel; we see the world by exploring the cities on foot, strolling the village, visiting historical sites and enjoying natural wonders. In amongst, Penang always seem to captivate our heart, by bringing us beautiful experiences to a new height! We also met Malaysian friends who loved Hong Kong’s culture since childhood. A community of travelers that stem from different countries, venture into this beautiful island, and share all about the interesting travel stories – there is an unspoken bond among us, and Raymond Tours is like a travel journal for each of us. Let’s explore our joumey and to find helpful traveling tips in Penang.

Book your perfect accommodation rental in Penang on Raymond Homes today! Raymond Homes is a community-based Homestay network that connects global-travelers with the real faces of the city for a genuine local travel experience in Penang. We have self-managed homestays and handpicked accommodations where the hosts are carefully chosen, accompanied with cleaning services and product sales. We aim to become one of the best Penang Airbnb of your choice.

Raymond Shops brings together a wide variety of representative souvenirs in Penang, from locally grown produce to specialty foods, you can now discover hidden treasures right at your home and shop online easily! Raymond Shops ensures that the quality of all items is superior, so that out of-town travelers can easily solve their home sickness by one click, or those who miss the local Penang produce can flavor the Penang taste without leaving home.

Raymond Health is a health-themed platform where it provides healthcare information, medical check up promotion, as well as to help you make an informed decision on where and how to get the care you seek. This is the guide you would want to keep an eye out for, should you or your loved ones require medical attention.

Raymond Investments helps investors to conduct market research, from pre-launch and beyond. After confirmation of projects, we provide a series of services too (accounting software, POS, renovation services and more!)